Raumschiff Zitrone
The Raumschiff Zitrone is actually a small independent cinema. Twice a month the room turns into a stage for contemporary improvised and experimental music.

The series of concerts is organised by Kai Fagaschinski and Christof Kurzmann. The focus of the series is on acoustic and electro-acoustic ensembles and solists exploring new aesthetic developments.

The room offers 35 seats, the stage is quite small (1,8 * 1,8 meters), but has a very nice and charming atmosphere.
Kai presents one or two acts per night.
Concerts are possible only on Fridays or, exceptionally, on Thursdays.

This list contains the names of the people who have performed at raumschiff zitrone up to this point.

If you want to perform at Raumschiff Zitrone you have to know it´s too late. The legendary Lemon House has closed its doors on October 20th, 2006. There are no further concerts. It´s over.

Kastanienallee 77
10435 Berlin

the doors open at 21:53
the show starts at 22:47
the cover is 5.- €
(raumschiff-musicians 2 1/2 €)