exploratorium berlin
Venue for improvised music and creative music pedagogy. Musical improvisation, as well as improvisation in the other arts – movement, theater etc. –, is the focus of our work here.

We offer a large range of weekend workshops, continuous courses and continuous ensembles. We organize concerts every two or three weeks presenting musicians from the international improvisation community.

Alongside, there is a number of sessions of improvisation, from the Open Stage to our Intercultural Music Pool, from the Offhandopera to our Impro Session U12 – many of them for free. Our library provides most of the specialist literature that has been written on the topic of improvisation. We offer accompanying events connecting theory and research with improvisatory practice.
How to get to exploratorium berlin:
U-Bhf. Gneisenaustr. (U7)

Zossener Straße 24
10961 Berlin


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