The art- and project space WestGermany is committed to confront and integrate artspecific contexts with urban, social and aesthetic structures of the local environment. The space is a contradictory display meaning to touch different concepts of reality emerged by a cultural crossover of energy and progress, illusion and disillusion in the middle of one of Berlin´s most critical and paradigmatic spots of social life (Kreuzberg / Kottbusser Tor).

WestGermany´s headquarter is located in a smashed and ripped down doctor´s office. The conceptual choice and design of the location is related to the deconstructive avantgarde of the 70th and 80th in arts and theory (Matta-Clark/Metzel/Foucault/DeleuzeGuattari/Derrida..). From this point it is questioning and researching the relevant symptoms of society´s cracks and crumbles, collapses and changes and is to be conceived as a utopian-heterotopical site as well as an institution for contemporary arts and music. The label „WestGermany“ therefore provokingly symbolizes a fading FederalRepublicOfGermany-romanticism and memory/track between wistful retro-reverie, kitsch and current self-identification.

Skalitzer Straße 133
10999 Berlin